To understand the body one must first understand the Five Great Elements – ether, air, water, fire, and earth. Ayurveda explains that all matter in the universe is made up of these five elemental, cosmic energies or building blocks. These elements are representative of states of matter. This concept of the five elements lies at the very heart of Ayurvedic science.

Ayurveda Dosha Chart | Dosha Test


Ether (space) is the energy field that is simultaneously the source of all matter (pure consciousness) and the space in

Air is representative of the subtle movement of ether. which it exists. Simplified, it is the space between all things.

The movement of ether particles makes friction which creates heat. As particles of heat-energy combine, intense light is formed and from this light the fire element is born.

From the heat of the fire, certain ethereal elements are dissolved and liquefied, bringing about water. As these molecules solidify, the earth element is formed.

In the body the five elements appear as the individual constitution or personal make-up. A person’s constitution is determined at the moment of conception depending on the predominant combination of elements – ether, air, fire, water, and earth. While the structural aspect of the human body is made up of these five elements, the functional aspect of the body is governed by three biological humors, or a distinct combination of elements called vata, pitta, and kapha. Each of us is a unique combination of these three doshas.

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Thin and unusually tall or short
Medium body
Large body
Light/small bones and/or prominent joints
Medium bone structure
Heavy large stocky bone structure
Long tapering fingers/toes
Medium . fingers/ toes
Large fingers/toes
Thin as a child
Medium weight as a child
Weight heavier throughout childhood and on
If weight gain, it’s around the middle
If weight gain, it’s evenly distributed
Weight gains mainly in rear/thighs
Dark complexion compared to family – tans easily
Fair skin. Sun burns easily; freckles
Tans evenly beautiful skin color from sun
Body hair is scanty or overly abundant – tends to be coarse, curly
Light body hair, finely textured; early
Moderate amount of body hair
Small forehead ,
Medium forehead with folds and lines
Large forehead usually few lines
Small active eyes often darker color
Medium light-green, grey, amber, or blue eyes Intense eyes
Large, liquid eyes easy to look at
Crooked, uneven, buck teeth; braces when younger
Med., even teeth, gums bleed easily
Large, even, gleaming teeth
Delicate chin
Moderate chin
Large chin and jaw
As a child, hair kinky/curly
As a child, hair fine/light hair often blond
As a child, hair wavy/thick
Thin, fast, variable pulse; cold hands
Strong, full pulse; warm hands
Steady, slow, rhythmic pulse; medium temp hands
Brittle nails
Flexible nails, but strong
Strong thick nails not flexible
Thirst – changeable
Thirst – excessive
Thirst – sparse,
Good short-term memory, but forgets easily
Quick memory, accurate past and future
Slow memory recall but accurate past and future
Dislikes routine
Enjoys planning/organizing, especially if self-created
Works well with routine
Decisions difficult, changes mind easily
Quick decisions
Slow to make decisions but unchangeable after made
Likes to stay physically active
Exercises to reduce stress
Likes leisurely activities, games, cards, movies
Creative, spontaneous artist
Organized thinker/leader Constantly organizing, likes order
Prefers to work under routine and to support ideals and goals of work environment or organization
Does many projects all at once prefers multitasking often tasks undone
Prefers organization and order in projects Projects few but tasks are completed.
Prefers simplicity straight foreword work, dislikes change and complications in work
Knows a lot of people, few close friends
Very selective with friends. makes enemies easily
Very loyal and has many friends.
Spends money impulsively
Plans spending money on special purchases
Spends money reluctantly, likes to save
Cold hands/feet. Perspires little
Usually warmer than others. Perspires easily
Moderate circulation and perspiration
Light sleeper, wakes frequently
Usually sleeps well
Sound, heavy sleeper (8+ hours)
Prefers warm climate, sunshine, moisture. Dislikes dry, cold
Prefers cool, well-ventilated places
Tolerates most climates as long as not too humid
Often suffers from cracked, chapped lips
Lips have; tendency towards cold sores, fever blisters
Full, moist lips
Difficulty gaining weight
Can gain or lose weight if focused
Gains weight easily, but hard time losing it without exercising
Dry skin, chaps easily, prone to calluses
Oily skin, prone to pimples and rashes
Thicker skin usually beautiful with no need for lubrication
Eyes often dry and itchy
Eyes sensitive can get red from over work or environment
Tendency to puffy eyes
Short, dry tongue with thin grayish coating
Pointed tongue, yellow/reddish coating
Tongue large with thick white coating
Bowel movements irregular, hard, dry; constipation If nervous disorders, sharp pain
Tendency to have Loose stools (2 x daily)
Large full bowel movements (1 x daily) takes longer to have
Menses irregular, scanty flow, severe, painful cramps
Heavy flow, but of shorter duration often loose stools accompany menses
Prone to water-weight retention during menses, slight cramps moderate flow
Prone to Receding gums
Prone to Inflamed, bleeding gums
Thick healthy gums
Prone to Joints cracking stiffness
Prone to Joints becoming inflamed
Prone to loose, joints that swell and have congestion
Variable appetite likes to skip meals feels lighter
Appetite very good irritable if meal is missed difficult physical time
Consistent appetite little slow can skip meals without physical problems
Likes to snack and nibble crunchy dry foods preferred
Likes spicy flavor, proteins and caffeine
Likes sweets, dairy, breads, pastry
Under stress tends toward fear, anxiety Tends towards self destructive behavior
Under stress tends towards irritability, anger, frustration; tends to point fingers at others. Can be more focused under stress
Under stress tends towards avoidance behaviors which creates apathy
Speech rapid and unclear
Speech, sharp and penetrating
Speech slow, monotonous
Best quality is flexibility creativity
Best Quality is directness and leadership qualities
Best quality is steadiness, loyalty, understanding, acceptance and compassion
Worst quality – can feels like a victim and have self destructive behaviors sneaky
Worst quality – blaming others not taking responsibility for self, manipulative
Worst quality – avoidance of difficult situations not being direct, apathy, laziness, hording
Intellect, quick but faulty response
Intellect accurate response
Intellect slow, but exact response
Dreams about flying, has restless dreams prone to nightmares
Action-packed dreams with conflicts and passion
Romantic, short dreams, often with water

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