Nasya Oil


Nasya Oil supports uncontested breathing, lubricates the nasal passages, helps to decongest the sinuses, promotes awareness.


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Nasya oil is available with dropper and nose infuser. 4 ounce Nasya oil refill bottle is available for both applications.
Nasya Oil supports uncontested breathing, lubricates the nasal passages, helps to decongest the sinuses, promotes awareness and concentration. Ingredients include Brahmi, Calamas, Eucalyptus Skull cap and Tulsi, in a base of sesame oil.


Organic Brahmi, (strengthens memory and intellect, aids in focus and concentration and balanced emotional state).

Organic Calamus (removes foggy mind, removes toxic residual of marijuana from sinus tissues and brain, promotes clarity of speech, allows mind to expand).

Organic Eucalyptus, (relieves congestion, improves breathing)

Skull Cap, (Tonic for nervous system, beneficial for insomnia, relieves anxiety and nervous tension)

Organic Tulsi, (Calms mind, relieves stress, boosts immunity, relieves inflammation).

Procedure for using Nasya Oil with dropper:

Boil 1 cup water, Place oil in the cup and let it warm for 3-5 minutes. Lie down with the head slightly back at the end of a bed. Fill dropper half full, drop the oil into one of the nostrils and then close opposite nostril and inhale deeply. Follow same procedure for other nostril. Remain lying down on back with head slightly back for 15-20 minutes.

Procedure for using Nasya Oil with nose infuser:

This oil does not require to be heated up. The nasal infuser is best used morning and night or anytime needed to open the nasal passages.
Close one nostril, press down infuser 1-2 times inhale strongly, complete on other nostril.

Nasya oil treatment is also offered at our clinic in Chico, California.

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.5 ounce (15 ML) with nose spray, 1.01 ounce (30 ML) with nose spray, 2 ounce with dropper, 4 ounce refill bottle


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