Ambika's Ayurveda Testimonials

Bliss Therapy

(3 hour Ayurveda treatment which includes Abhyanga, Swedhana, Shirodharha)

“Rejuvenated is exactly how I felt after my oily massage from Jennifer. I use the Walk On Air oil she made for me on a regular basis and notice a deep sense of rejuvenation and relaxation. Using the skin as a doorway to deep healing makes a lot of sense; and it’s easy”

“True Bliss!! I feel so wonderful and calm.”

“Bliss therapy is a journey, I feel nurtured. Very relaxing and healing.”

“Music, talk, rainforest, oil, and more oil…hmm what is this? Thinking mind is nurtured to rest.”

“The Bliss therapy was relaxing and energizing, I feel deeply cared for.”

“When the treatment started, I had a sense of my peace being grounded in my lord, my divine, self not in human judgment; I needed that now at this time.”

“Bliss Therapy is an experience beyond words. Peace, purification, joy, spiritual, are some that come to mind. Jennifer’s knowledge, professionalism and heart make a sacred safe place for surrender to self.”

“Bliss therapy the name says it all. This treatment connects the mind, body, spirt like no other treatment I have found. It is an experience for your soul that everyone deserves to experience.”

“What a wonderful complement to an asana practice. To feel that you aren’t just taking from India’s rich tradition of the physical exercise of asana only, but delving deep into it’s spirit to nourish your own. I especially enjoy how cleansing I feel.”

Pancha Karma

(5,000 year old Ayurveda therapy providing Purification and rejuvenation 3, 5, or 7 days)

“Pancha Karma for me was a dramatic and life changing experience. The world has opened up from a different angle; it is a big step to a higher consciousness.”

“The Pancha Karma healing program is very deep and profound. I feel like a new man after experiencing this 7 day Ayurveda treatment regimen.”

“This little bit of paradise in Hana Hawaii is conducive to a successful journey through the Pancha Karma process. Jennifer’s healing hands and loving heart made the journey most pleasurable.”

“What a wonderful 8 days. I felt so well cared for throughout. The morning meditation, the incomparable sunrise, the ocean waves, the landscape the whales. Pancha Karma is an amazing life changing experience.”

“This Pancha Karma has been life changing. I feel cleansed on many levels. I am inspired by your clarity of purpose and your dedication to others. You are a delightful healer and educator about the science of Ayurveda.”

“I feel strong and light and optimistic. It really is a brand new world again. The possibilities are infinite and boundless. The transformation of Pancha Karma!! I am forever grateful.

“Pancha Karma is a beautiful process to access the many layers of our bodies that store our memories and experiences. Pancha Karma it is the greatest girt I have given myself and I will continue to do so on a regular basis.”

“The Pancha Karma experience was restorative, rejuvenative and life changing. I feel supportd in body, mind and spirit to continue my journey in greater health and balance.”

“Loving Kindness, safe, nurturing, intuitive, insightful. These are a few of the words that describe the Pancha Karma experience. I am truly touched and changed; my heart is open and strong. I feel my divinity shining through.”