Daily Routines

What is Dhinacharya?

product_bck Dinacharya means “the day’s teaching.” The way we live our lives each day determines the degree of health and clarity that we have. Healthy daily routines provide an important foundation from which to build our lives.

What daily routines does Ayurveda
recommend for health?

Ayurveda recommends living in harmony with the rhythms of nature. Sleeping when dark, waking with the sun, eating the largest meal during the peak of the day (12:00 noon), daily exercise, including yoga, daily spiritual connection either through meditation or prayer and spending time in nature.

Taking care of the five senses, (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin) is an important aspect of self care. Keeping the sense organs functioning properly gives greater perception of one’s reality.


Daily massage oil (abhyanga) before a shower or bath firms and tones skin, strengthens the body’s resistance to stress, benefits sleeping patterns, helps clear away old skin, and leaves skin soft and supple. Oiling the body daily reduces the effects of aging.


Washing the eyes therapy5daily with rose water helps cool the eyes, clears out pollutants and soothes tired and overworked eyes. This leaves them clear and bright, and aids in maintaining healthy eyes.


A small amount of sesame oil applied to the ears on a regular basis assists with the removal of ear wax and tones the ear canal. Oil in the ear canal maintains good hearing and helps to reduce jaw tension.


Using a neti pot with salted water to rinse the nasal and sinus area improves sense of smell and helps to prevent respiratory tract diseases. It is cooling and soothing to the mind, and improves clarity.


Daily scraping of the tongue after brushing and flossing the teeth removes toxins and bacteria that cause bad breath. It enhances the sense of taste and improves digestion. According to Ayurveda, bacteria flora grown on the surface of the tongue at night and throughout the day, forming a thin white layer of toxic waste called ama. This coating, like urine or sweat, needs to be removed so that it is not swallowed back into the system when eating and drinking.

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